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ASA Bookstore Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center is designed to answer your questions about ordering from the ASA bookstore and ensure that you get the lowest prices and fastest delivery possible on your orders.

If the information you need isn't on this page, contact our representatives:

Telephone: 248-848-3780

Fax: 248-848-3740


Prices & Discounts

Member and nonmember prices are listed separately for all applicable items. Members are classified as individuals/organizations paying membership dues to ASA. If you are not currently a member, you may want to join ASA and take advantage of the reduced member prices.

IMPORTANT: ASA members must register and enter their ASA-provided subscription code and six-digit ASA Member Number to enable the Web server to verify their membership. Once registered, an ASA member ordering at this bookstore will automatically be charged member prices.

Member Prices

To receive member prices on the Bookstore you must be registered.  If you are registered and are not receiving member prices, you may need to log-in.

Line of Credit

ASA members may charge bookstore orders to a credit card or to their ASA membership account. ASA members can take advantage of a line-of-credit for purchasing ASA publications in amounts up to:

  • Up to $1,000 for a Corporate Membership
  • Up to $500 for an Individual Membership

Nonmembers must charge their online orders to a credit card.

Refunds and Credits: ASA will automatically refund or credit any overpayment and bill for any underpayment.

Online Security

Graphic cues on a page indicate when you're in a secure location. For example, with Mozilla Firefox, you'll get a message that you've entered a secure site, a blue line will appear across the top of your browser window and the security key at the bottom left of the browser completes itself.

Safer than telephoning: Transferring data to our site is safer than transferring data over a cordless or cellular phone, which does not use encryption as our site does. When you give order information over a cordless or cellular phone, the signals may be intercepted.

Our top priority: At the ASA Bookstore, the security of your transactions is of utmost importance. Never will we give out or sell your personal information to anyone for any purpose.

Shipping & Handling

Shipping time: ASA orders are normally shipped within 3 days of receipt. However, shipping via the mails may take considerable time and we suggest allowing 1-3 weeks for orders originating in the United States. For Overseas orders allow 6 weeks for delivery.

Shipping & handling charges: Refer to the chart below. For a quote on expedited delivery, contact ASA for information. All payments required in US funds.

Order Amount

Up To:



(7-10 bus. days)

Canada &



less than $25 $9.00 18%
$25 - 49.99 $11.00 20%
$50 - 99.99 $13.00 25%
$100 - 149.99 15% 27%
$150 - 199.99 12% 27%
$200 - 249.99 11% 27%
$250 - 349.99 10% 27%
$350 - 699.99 9% 27%
$700 - 1500 8% 27%

Michigan Residents: Add 6% Sales Tax

Please contact ASA for purchases over $1,500 or for expedited delivery rates.

Custom fees are the responsibility of the customer/receiver. ASA will not pay any broker/custom fees.


ASA does NOT have a free examination policy.

Returned publications will be accepted if returned within 60 days of receipt of books – 20% service charge.

Ordering Offline

Mail order with your check or money order (in U.S. funds) to:

American Shotcrete Association

Member/Customer Services Department

38800 Country Club Drive

Farmington Hills, MI 48331

Telephone: 248-848-3780

(collect calls not accepted)

Fax: 248-848-3740

Note: Do not duplicate telephone/fax orders by mail.