ASA Shotcrete Inspector Education Program

Shotcrete Inspector Education Program

Presented by the American Shotcrete Association

With the strong growth of shotcrete construction, the concrete construction industry needs on-site inspectors who are knowledgeable about shotcrete materials, application, and quality. Although an inspector may be thoroughly experienced in the inspection of cast-in-place concrete construction, shotcrete has fundamentally different equipment, material selection, crew responsibilities, application techniques, testing, curing, and protection that need to be considered for producing high-quality and durable shotcrete.

This program will cover over 40 critical elements of shotcrete applications that on-site inspectors must know to properly evaluate and sign-off on acceptance documents for shotcrete. These include an overview on material selections, equipment, placement techniques, finishing, curing, protection, testing, and safety as it relates to the building official or inspector. Upon completion of the course, the Inspectors should have:

  • A fundamental understanding of the wet- and dry-mix shotcrete process.
  • Current knowledge of ACI reference material and other industry standards pertaining to acceptable shotcrete placement.
  • Industry-specific knowledge to determine if materials, and methods, as well as testing used by the crew meet shotcrete project specifications.
  • Sufficient insight to recognize satisfactory application techniques, and actions that may reduce quality of the final product.

Profile of individuals to attend this course:

  • Concrete Construction Inspectors or Transportation Construction Inspectors.
  • ACI Concrete Field Testing Technicians—Grade I.
  • Engineers or Specifiers who desire or are required to possess additional education to properly inspect shotcrete operations on projects.
  • Building officials who desire further knowledge of acceptable shotcrete placement methods.
  • Concrete producers and material suppliers who supply to the shotcrete projects.

Recommended References available for purchase from ASA/ACI/ASTM for the ASA Shotcrete Inspector Education Program: (CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST)

The seminar will count as a portion of the work experience required for an upcoming ACI certification program for shotcrete inspectors. (Click here for the ACI Shotcrete Inspector Certification program details.)

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