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Introduction to Shotcrete — University Seminar

This 1-hour “Introduction to Shotcrete” seminar is provided free of charge to universities. The seminar is presented by one of our industry professionals with extensive shotcrete experience and gives students and faculty an overview of the shotcrete process from a concrete material, structural, architectural, and construction perspective. The on-site presentation allows speaker interaction with the students and faculty in Q&A during the presentation. Shotcrete placement’s flexibility and economy is driving increased usage in a wide variety of concrete applications including structural walls, seismic and other code-required upgrades, foundations, architectural concrete, liquid-containing structures, material storage domes, underground mining, subways, concrete repair and restoration, pools, skateparks, and soil stabilization. Civil and Structural Engineering, Materials, Construction Management, and Architecture students would benefit from this seminar.

Please call or e-mail ASA staff at 248.848.3780 or with your:

  • available/proposed date(s);
  • anticipated class size; and
  • any specialty areas of concern you would like addressed, such as underground, structural, repair and rehabilitation, materials, architectural, and so on.

ASA/Laval University Scholarship

Recognizing the contributions of Laval University to further the research and development of materials and equipment pertinent to advancing shotcrete technology, the American Shotcrete Association (ASA) offers an annual scholarship to one (1) Laval University graduate student leading a project on shotcrete. This graduate student must be enrolled in Laval University (M.Sc. or Ph.D. level) at the time of receiving the scholarship and be working under the supervision or co-supervision of Professor Marc Jolin.

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