ASA Committees

About ASA Committees

Committee meetings are open to the public and ASA welcomes and encourages the participation of all interested parties in the shotcrete industry.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall have supervision, control, and direction of the affairs of the Association, shall determine its policies within the limits of the ASA bylaws, shall actively pursue its purpose and shall oversee the disbursement of its funds.

Cathy Burkert
American Concrete Restorations, Inc.

ASA Officers

ASA Directors

Contractor Qualification Committee

Mission Statement: To develop and maintain ASA's Contractor Qualification Program.

Marcus von der Hofen, Chair
Coastal Gunite Construction Co.

Education Committee

Mission Statement: To provide shotcrete education, training, and certification.

Oscar Duckworth, Chair
Valley Concrete Services

Marketing Committee

Mission Statement: To ensure that shotcrete has its "market share" in a national arena.

Cathy Burkert, Chair
American Concrete Restorations, Inc.

Membership Committee

Mission Statement: To broaden the ASA membership base.

Jason Myers
Dees-Hennessey Inc.

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Pool & Recreational Shotcrete Committee

Mission Statement: To educate and promote the proper use and application of shotcrete to the swimming pool and recreational shotcrete industry.

Mason Guarino, Chair
South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas Inc.

Safety Committee

Mission Statement: To explore and promote safety issues within the shotcrete industry.

Frank Townsend, Chair
Superior Gunite

Technical Committee

Mission Statement: To oversee the technical activities of ASA, including the review and evaluation of technical presentations, publications, handouts, etc., and the appraisal of research projects under consideration for ASA sponsorship.

Lihe (John) Zhang, Chair
LZhang Consulting & Testing Ltd.

Underground Committee

Mission Statement: To educate and promote the use and proper application of shotcrete to the underground construction and mining industries.

Axel Nitschke, Chair